Strength Training May Reduce Deaths from Heart Attacks and Cancers

A recent study of almost 30,000 older women followed for 12 years shows that those who did strength training had fewer deaths from heart attacks and all causes than those who did not lift weights (J Am Heart Assoc, Oct 31, 2017;6(11)). Another stud ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | January 14th, 2018
Low Vitamin D Increases Risk for Injuries

A study of 214 prospective National Football League players found that 73 percent of those who were deficient in vitamin D had a severe lower leg injury when they played in college, compared to only 40 percent of those who were not deficient in vit ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | December 31st, 2017
Should Runners and Cyclists Lift Weights?

In a recent study, 19 well-trained female duathletes were assigned to either: • run and cycle with an added strength training program, or • just run and cycle. The strength training program included four lower body exercises, three tim ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | December 24th, 2017
Exercise Promotes Good Gut Bacteria

Good bacteria that live in your gut can help to keep you healthy, while the bad colon bacteria increase your risk for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, certain cancers and autoimmune diseases. Researchers have focused mainly on how diet affects the ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | December 16th, 2017
Mitochondria and Gut Bacteria Work Together for More Endurance

Endurance training for six weeks in humans and mammals has been shown to increase mitochondrial content from 30 to 100 percent and volume density up to 40 percent (Front Physiol, May 19, 2017;8:319). This fascinating study shows that the exercise-i ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | December 16th, 2017
Sarcopenia (Muscle Loss with Aging) Linked to Inflammation

Recent research shows that we can now add sarcopenia, loss of strength and muscle size with aging, to the list of medical problems associated with inflammation. Older people who suffer from sarcopenia are far more likely to have high blood levels o ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | December 10th, 2017
Too Much Exercise?

Countless studies have shown that exercise helps to prevent heart attacks, but some researchers have found scarring in heart muscle and increased plaques in the heart arteries of men who have run many marathons and triathlons, resulting in news hea ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | December 10th, 2017
Flat Feet, Pigeon Toes and Bow Legs

Many of the world's great sprinters have flat feet. In the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Bob Hayes tied the world record when he won the 100 meter dash, and five days later, he ran the anchor leg in the finals of the Olympic 400 meter relay. He took the ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | November 5th, 2017
Exercise May Help to Prevent Dementia

More than 80 percent of North Americans over the age of 85 suffer from some form of dementia. A new study in rats helps to explain why exercise could help to prevent or delay this dreaded condition (Sci Rep, 2017 Sep 7;7(1):10903). A group of rats ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | October 22nd, 2017
Intervals for Everyone

All healthy people can benefit from some form of interval training. They can pick up the pace for a few seconds while walking, running, cycling, swimming, skiing or skating, and then slow down when they feel the least discomfort. When they regain t ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | October 15th, 2017
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